Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you mind if I pull down the curtain?

"-- Do you mind if I pull down the curtain?
--Please do it's too light in here."

This quote is repeated throughout the novel Tender is the Night. It is first introduced when a man is telling Dick a story about Rosemary. Rosemary was in a train car with a boy she was dating and someone on the train walked in on them together. Rosemary was very upset and yelled at the conductor. This quote is a portion of a conversation that Rosemary and her boyfriend had while inside of the car. Throughout the novel this quote has practically haunted Dick. When he first heard the story Dick became extremely jealous because he was just beginning to fall in love with Rosemary. In the book whenever Dick is with Rosemary or thinking about her this quote is often repeated. It reveals Dick's concealed love that he has for Rosemary. Whenever I read this quote it was a clue that Dick was thinking about Rosemary, possibly hoping that he could be with her.

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